A new hospital for Kenyan mothers

The Companions of the Order to Kenya are extremely grateful and happy for the fantastic response it received to its appeal a few months ago.


Tuberculosis in Kenya

In Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, over 60% of the people live in informal settlement. Most of the residents who live here are day laborers with low, irregular incomes. They usually live in overcrowded and poorly ventilated accommodation. Here, diseases such as tuberculosis are easy to spread from one person to the next through droplet infection.


Marsabit mask donation

During the Omicron wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in Kenya, remote counties such as Marsabit were especially heavily hit due to generally low vaccination availability and misinformation.


Drought Emergency in Kenya

Three consecutive rainy seasons have brought far below average rainfalls in Kenya especially in the Arid and Semi-Arid Lands like North Horr in Marsabit County which are in urgent need of aid.


Mask donations to Kakuma Mission Hospital

The Kakuma Mission Hospital has rapidly grown into an essential hospital for the local communities, as well as serving as a referral hospital for the refugees from the Kakuma Refugee Camp.


Donation of 616,000 surgical masks to the NMS

For the launching of its Emergency Operation Centre and Ambulance Dispatch Centre, the Nairobi Metropolitan Services cordially invited the Embassy of the Order of Malta to attend the event.


Your support is needed!

The Newly formed Companions of the Order to Kenya, under the guidance of the Order's  Embassy have watched over the construction of a stand alone maternity theatre at the Catholic Mission Health Centre in Tiaty, East Pokot.


Foundation of the Companions of Kenya

On Sunday 11th April 2021, twenty-seven (27) prospective Companions of Kenya attended a historic virtual meeting with attendees calling in from the United States of America, Gibraltar, England, Scotland, Germany, Sudan and of course our beloved Kenya.


Suswa Soila Girls Rescue Centre (SUSWA)

On Sunday 1st May 2021, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Mattock paid a visit to the Soila Girls Rescue Centre to deliver maize.