Nairobi flooding appeal

Nairobi flooding appeal

Torrential and consistent rains over the past 2 weeks have led to hundreds of deaths, houses washed away and ruined crops. Furthermore, due to lack of adequate sewage systems, waste and water mix together in the streets of downtown town Nairobi and water bourne diseases such as typhoid.

The Order of Malta Companions of Kenya and partner organisations are working hard to being relief where possible.

The Companions of Kenya are asking for financial support to help set up water purification plant, organise food deliveries, new bedding and temporary shelter. We are taking it to the front line, where it is needed most.

Bank Details

Name: Embassy of the Order of Malta


Branch: Village Market


Address: P.O Box 600 – 00621, Nairobi, Kenya

Account Numbers:

KES: 7029330084

USD: 7029330097

EUR: 7029330105

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