One Health Project in the ASAL-Region: Kenya and Ethiopia

One Health Project in the ASAL-Region: Kenya and Ethiopia


The Situation

Since a large proportion of communicable diseases originate in the animal world and are influenced by ecological circumstances as well as climate change, the holistic view and the link between human and animal health as well as the environment plays a decisive role for us in the prevention and containment of infectious diseases (One Health approach). One Health is a holistic and interdisciplinary approach that aims to connect people, animal and the environment to improve human and animal health in a healthy ecosystem.

The Project/ Programme

The Goal of our project is to contribute towards improving human, animal and environmental health in Northern Kenya and Southern Ethiopia with a focus on zoonotic diseases through sustainable cross sectorial strengthening of local capacity and control.

Our objectives include:

  1. Strengthened and established One Health system and structure that can respond to zoonoses and epidemics in a coordinated and appropriate manner.
  2. Improved Human, Livestock and environmental health through control and prevention of zoonotic diseases increased food security and applied WASH practices.
  3. Integration of One health research components and establishment of two sustainable model farms for training research and best practice in the regions

The current intervention/ action

During the initial phase of the project, a kick-off launch workshop was organized on the 17th of May 2023 that brought together participants from various stakeholders (Amref Health Africa, International Livestock Research Institute, Ministries, civil society, etc.) from Kenya and Ethiopia. The aim of the workshop was to promote the One Health and cross-border approach of the project on the one hand, and on the other hand to get all decision makers on one tune with the planned project interventions and the overall structure and impact that will be generated through the intervention.

Recommendations from the participants

  • Joint workshops/continuous assessment meeting to support in the learning and sharing of One health implementation among the different departments and regions.
  • Emphasis on the importance of collaboration between the working departments for an impactful outcome in the community in which the project is being implemented.
  • Operationalize One health county unit of Marsabit.
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