Foreign Aid Service annual fundraiser dinner for Order projects

Foreign Aid Service annual fundraiser dinner for Order projects

Humanitarian crisis in the Horn of Africa

The annual meeting of Members and Friends of the British Association of the Order (BASMOM) took place in London in June. We raised around 101.000 € which is a fantastic amount. The evening is about coming together as friends and to raise awareness about the works of the Order, in particular the Order’s projects overseas. This year the evening was in aid of Malteser International and the work they and the Order do in Kenya for the ongoing drought crisis. We felt it was important to shine a light on a huge – and hugely under reported – humanitarian crisis across the Horn of Africa.

A sincere thank you goes to Cecile Coke Brenningkmeijer for the initiative and organization of the evening!

With the money raised we will fund a new operating room for the Kakuma Mission Hospital in North West Kenya and provide wooden shelters for the Mission hospital’s outreach programme, to give all woman and their children some shade whilst they are waiting to be seen at the mobile clinic.

We can also finance another successful project for the pastoralists in Marsabit of cross breeding Somalian goats who cope better in the extreme heat and produce 3 times more milk than their local goats.

It was a fun and wonderful evening, supported by the presence of the President of the British Association, by Malteser International and by the Order’s Ambassador to Kenya, Wilhelm von Trott zu Solz.

THANK YOU to all of you who supported us in many different ways in organising the evening.



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