Heavy rains and flooding in Kenya

Heavy rains and flooding in Kenya

Starting 18 th April 2024, heavy rains and floods wreaked havoc across Kenya, resulting in loss of lives, property and service disruption. Transport, housing, education, health and agriculture were the most affected sectors. An estimated 267 people have been killed, 188 injured, 75 missing, while 281,835 (56,367 families) have been displaced and 380,573 (76,114 families) affected by persistent heavy rains and flooding as of 9 May, according to the National Disaster Operations Centre (NDOC). At least 9,973 livestock have been lost, 41,562 acres of croplands and 61 roads damaged, 886 businesses, 1,967 schools and 62 health facilities affected as of 9 May, according to the authorities and the Kenya Red Cross Society. The continued heavy rains, flooding, water stagnation and the contamination of clean water sources heightened the risk of water and vector-borne diseases requiring to scale up response in affected areas, including food, shelter and non-food items, healthcare and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) interventions.

It is in view of the above that the Companions of the Order in Kenya launched a “Nairobi Flooding Emergency Appeal” to raise funds for the procurement of mainly mattresses and blankets to be given to the displaced people of the informal settlements of Mathare and Korogocho, the focal point being Fr. Maurizio Binaghi, Comboni missionary father, active in the “Napenda Kuishi Trust”. The Companions and partner organizations worked hard to bring relief to the needy, with some members also generously donating maize meal, rice, sugar, tea, milk and biscuits. The first batch of blankets and mattresses were delivered by the Companions on 7 th May to 120 families at two distribution points: The Mathare Community Library and the Boma Rescue Centre (Korogocho) which is a daily rehabilitation centre for street youth under the aegis of the Napenda Kuishi Trust.

In response to the risk of water borne diseases occurring in Mathare, the Kenyan Water Purification Company donated to Fr. Maurizio, an emergency water filtration system to counter the risk of water contamination. This was indeed a blessing for the neighbourhood inhabitants. The rainfall intensities are now likely to reduce as this article is being written but the needs of the affected poor people remain immense and the Companions of the Order as well as the Order itself shall continue in their efforts to offer assistance and solace to the victims of the floods.

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