Support to Waithaka Special School

Support to Waithaka Special School

Wayne Hennessy-Barrett, Deputy Chairman of the Companions of Kenya and volunteers from 4G Capital, a
Kenyan digital microfinance B Corporation founded by Wayne, visited Waithaka Special School in Dagoretti,
Nairobi on 8 June. They planted trees and donated 8 desktop computers to equip teaching staff.
The school is a state-funded special needs school for learning disabled children from primary to tertiary
education. State funding does not meet the school’s operating requirements, and it relies on grants and
donations where available. The childrens’ disabilities range from complete dependency on carers for feeding
and the most basic needs, to advanced autism and other learning impairments. The school serves a total of 157
children who board there and rely on the school for all their needs in term time. The Companions of Kenya and
4G Capital, co-fund fees for 23 of the most needy children whose parents struggle to meet the care and
education costs for their children.
Despite the challenges and privations, the school is marked by an abundance of love and joy among the
teachers and children, who are as well cared for as possible. Jane Kangeme, Headmistress, confirmed “Yes
we gladly received the desktops on Friday, this will greatly improve learning.” The eight computers from 4G
Capital will be supplemented with donations of further laptops for the children in the classroom, donated by
Daphne Fagan, another welfare committee member of the Companions of Kenya,

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