First Pilgrimage to Lourdes – Order of Malta Companions of Kenya

First Pilgrimage to Lourdes – Order of Malta Companions of Kenya

The Companions of Kenya, under the guidance of the Ambassador of the Orders Embassy to Kenya, HE Wilhelm von Trott zu Solz, embarks on a historic pilgrimage to Lourdes, only the second African country to do so.

Sadly, one Assisted Pilgrims Millicent Anyango and our Pilgrimage Chaplain, Father Maxwell Atuguba could not join the pilgrimage as they were not able to get Visas.

Be that as it may, a strong group of 7 Companions of Kenya, including Dr Babu, the pilgrimage Doctor and our Assisted Pilgrim Esther Asega, will be flying via Paris to Lourdes on the 5th Of May.

The British Association have graciously taken the Companions of Kenya under their wing, thanks to the BASMOM Hospitaller, Mr James Pavey.

James’ ‘Lourdes Angels’ led by Tabitha
Brenninkmeijer, Kim O,Connor the senior nurse and Eleanor Maxwell the Pilgrimage Secretary, have worked incredibly hard to bring the Companions of Kenya in line with their incredibly high standards, thus allowing the Kenyan team to benefit from their years of Lourdes experience.

The pilgrimage would not have been possible without the incredibly hard work and perseverance of the Companions of Kenya. Namely Nathalie, Nwando Dike, Daphne Fagan, Kevin Rodrigues and Wayne Hennessy-Barrett and of course those amazing people who saw the beauty of this African journey and helped to fund it.

See above: Sr Bernadette, SM, Esther Asega and Dr. Babu

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