Christmas with the Waithaka Special School

Christmas with the Waithaka Special School

HE Wilhelm von Trott zu Solz the Ambassador of the Order of Malta to Kenya authorised the Embassy to donate €2500 for much needed Christmas food hampers to share the joy of Christmas with the Waithaka Special School in Dagoretti Village, Nairobi, Kenya. Founded in the 1980s and is run by  Mrs Jane Kangethe, 8 teachers and helpers.

4G Capital, under the leadership of Companion of Kenya Wayne Hennessy-Barrett has been helping the school for some time and he brought it to the attention of the Companions Welfare Committee. It’s a boarding school and home to 157 handicapped children, some very severely handicapped and all in dire need of as much outside influence as possible. The children are much loved and cared for by hard pressed staff, but having a break from their daily routine is healthy for them and us.

A group of Companions visited the school on Tuesday 23rd of November to distribute the Christmas food hampers. The hampers were brought to the school in the 4G Capital minibus, driven by Bishop Benard Gitau. After prayers and the speeches, the Companions and 4G Capital staff stayed behind to distribute the hampers; help in classes and just interacted with the kids and teachers. We were all touched by the school and what it offered some of the poorest and most afflicted kids in the country.

No child’s family left empty handed for Christmas, knowing they are able to provide food for their families for the next two weeks we were informed “was a gift from God”.

As a wonderful postscript the washing team so touched the heart of Companion Jan Van Der Doers De Willbois he did something about it immediately. He saw two ladies working incredibly hard washing very soiled school uniforms. He took it upon himself to raise the money and purchased two industrial washing machines for the school; thus ensuring the school uniforms will be properly clean and hygienic. With the balance of the money raised he will spend on repairing the window panes and hanging curtains in the boys dormitory.

In his typically humble way he said…

“The donors were from many countries and Faiths, Kenyan, Nigerian, Indian, German and yes even the Dutch! Christian, Sikh and Muslim… As long as we continue to be earnest in our endeavours to help the needy, God will guide the way.”

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